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ul. Niemcewicza 26
02-306 Warszawa

tel.   +48 22 570 82 80
fax.  +48 22 570 82 81



  • We are a Warsaw law firm serving clients from around the world—from Hollywood to Australia, from South Africa to Norway.
  • We are honored to have gained the confidence and trust of over two hundred clients, whom we have advised and represented in cases and projects worth a combined total of over 1 billion Euros.
  • We have created a team of twenty experts, from all legal disciplines, who support our clients on a wide range of cases—from family law to IPOs. While creating our team, we kept in mind that each individual’s knowledge must support the team as a whole.
  • We assign each of our clients both an account manager as well as an expert from the relevant field of law.
  • We offer our clients creative yet safe advice.

    WhitestoneLegal solves your problems.


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